A fracture is a broken bone. It can range from a thin crack to a complete break. Bone can fracture crosswise, lengthwise, in several places, or into many pieces. Most fractures happen when a bone is impacted by more force or pressure than it can support.
If you suspect you have a fracture, seek medical help immediately.


  • a snap or grinding sound when the injury occurs
  • swelling, redness, and bruising in the injured area
  • difficulty supporting weight with the injured area
  • visible deformity in the injured area

What causes a fracture?

You can develop a fracture when your bone is impacted with greater pressure or force than it can support. This force usually occurs suddenly or is very intense. The strength of the force determines the severity of the fracture.
Some common causes of fractures include:
  • falls
  • direct strikes to your body
  • traumatic events, such as car accidents or gunshot wounds
  • injuries from sports